Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small Update

So my schedule appeared online just before Christmas. Not too bad of a schedule. Wednesdays are light - done by 11am. Thursdays I have a five hour block of nothingness between two classes and Fridays I have to teleport from class to class. The only class that wasn't filled in was that WRIT class that is supposedly mandatory. It just had a TBD/TBA in the time/date/location section. Not a big surprise as they have to read over each one to figure out the stream. I was hoping that at least part of the weekly 3 hours would be slotted into that 5 hour empty block.

I login again today to see if the times have been added for it to find it completely missing from my schedule all together. At this point one of two things have happened: they've screwed up and instead of assigning me to a class they deleted it OR they realized that I'm more than capable of forming complete and coherent sentences and decided I don't need to take the class. We'll see.

Next week I have two different sessions on campus. The first is a returning-to-school-for-old-people session that provides study tips, etc. The second is orientation.

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